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Why “Blog Freedom”?
Are You...
Struggling to know what is the next step when it comes to monetizing and scaling your blog?
Frustrated with algorithm changes and the ups/downs of traffic?
Banging your head against the wall because no one is talking about the REAL issues in blogging?
Searching for the fastest way to make more money on your blog
So overwhelmed with the whole thing climbing back in bed with Netflix seems like the best decision?
Hey...I get it.

My blog has been our only means of supporting our family for 3 years.

I wouldn't trade it for anything!

But have to admit to having a few sleepless nights, white knuckle decisions and the occasional, "WHY FACEBOOK, WHY?" moments.

On top of the usual ups & downs that any business goes through, 14 months ago I moved Kids Activities Blog back to WordPress.  At that time, traffic and search visibility was just a tiny fraction of it had been a year earlier.

It was like starting from scratch -- except my husband and I were redirecting over 12K links by hand because there was no automated way to move the mess.


Could I Build It Back?
At first, Google acted like they didn't even know I existed.

Facebook wasn't playing nicely.

Pinterest was still confused as to WHERE to send people who clicked on my pins.

But with the help of an amazing team, we kept at it.

Slowly and consistently we made changes while studying our analytics the whole way.

It took 3 months to break even.  At 6 months we were making a profit.  Exactly 1 year later in November 2019 we had our best month ever.

Our goal for 2020 is to keep growing.

I learned last year that building the blog initially was not a fluke.  It wasn't luck.  It wasn't right place, right time.  It was built because of the philosophies, systems and practices in place.

And it doesn't just work for me.

It worked for my consulting and coaching clients too.

This is the best time in the world to be a blogger. 

And the even better news is that you don't have to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make it happen.

It can be done around your family schedule...even with kids at home.

Or around travel--my goal of cruising quarterly!

Hi. I’m Holly Homer. 
I started a blog by accident over 14 years ago and grew it into a business that retired my physician husband nearly 3 years ago.

I am in the trenches of blogging daily with my team, testing, making changes, doing more testing and figuring stuff out.  Because of the rapid changes across all the algorithms, I just don't see another way to keep up-to-date.

My blog supports our family.  It is THAT important.
Over the years, through thousands and thousands of hours of algorithm testing, patterns have started emerging.

I have taken those patterns and started leveraging them.

What has been completely enlightening is that an algorithm is an algorithm.  So while Pinterest, Facebook and Google all look different on the outside, there are things that when you learn them on one platform will work on the others.

You could figure out a similar system through massive algorithm testing, or take the shortcut...

Join the Blog Freedom Program for ONLY $97/month with no commitment or risk (cancel anytime).

Inside, you will tackle a new aspect of blogging every month.  The first week covers the basics including a checklist, template or Trello board to implement it quickly in your blog.

The rest of the month goes deeper into strategies, goals, modifications, analytics and advanced monetization ideas.

This is not about learning techniques that become outdated quickly.  You have more power if you fully understand the WHY behind WHAT TO DO which translates to timeless skills. 

But I always seem to get stuck!
Or overwhelmed!
Or don't even know where to start...

That is why a huge part of Blog Freedom is a community.  A community of like-minded bloggers who support each other, share information freely and hold each other accountable.

Because we get it.  We have been there.  We know that there may not be anyone else in your life that you can talk to about these things!

Your investment to join today is just $97.

That’s it. 

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